Ohio Rejected 827 Vanity Plates Last Year Including LMAO GAS, H8OHIO, And Some Genuinely Offensive Ones As Well

In 2021, 827 vanity license plates where denied by the Ohio BMV.

As a surprise to no one, the vast majority of denied plates were deemed vulgar. The Buckeye State has strict rules about custom license plates that ban profane, obscene, and sexual language. You also can’t choose anything that provokes violence or lawlessness.

This year, several rejected plates referenced President Joe Biden. Nearly 50 plates were denied because of some variation of F*ck Biden, often referencing the Trump-supporting phrase “Let’s Go Brandon”. In fact, anti-Biden plates accounted for 6% of denied plates last year.

But it wasn’t all political. There were several denied plates that arguably deliver laughs, like POOPA 20, H8OHIO, DEEZ COX, LMAO GASm MOOVBCH, A55 MANN, and so many more.

If you want to take a deep dive into the denied list, you can do so here.

The first license plate denied in 2022 was 2FN SLOW, but I’m sure many more await on the horizon.

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