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Racist Fliers Tell New Albany Residents Blacks Aren’t Welcome At Local Average Joes

Not for the first time, Columbus residents are bombarded by racist pamphlets distributed throughout the community.

Thursday morning, residents of the Chelsea Place Apartments in New Albany walked out to their cars only to be greeted with leaflets spouting racist propaganda attached to their windshields.

The small printed leaflet used a Black racial slur and went on to explain that they aren’t welcome at Average Joe’s, a local pub and watering hole. The owners of the bar had this to say on social media:

The bar’s response was swift and resolute, refreshing in today’s internet climate. Too often on social media people are quick to defend the actions of the morally repugnant or to carp over the wrong details, completely missing the point.

It’s interesting the amount of denial some people will project just to protect the fragility of their own world structure.

Frequently, they’re quick to site that we live in a post-Obama, post-racial utopia, spoiled only by a few troublemakers on “both sides” of the issue. Some even take strides in missing the point altogether.

To quibble over its intent or the restaurant’s connection with the leaflet is foolish enough, but to completely miss how it may affect the psyche and emotional well-being of Blacks, despite intent, shows a naivete that can only come from behind the impenetrable force field of privilege.

It’s true, these fliers, this act of stupidity and ignorance, wounds and angers the Columbus African-American community. Of that there can be no doubt. But perhaps the most damage to race relations is done by gas-lighting those hurts.

To simply deny their existence or to trivialize them with hair-splitting and pettiness waylays the hope of any genuine progress. Continued indifference will only compound rage and frustrations in this city, until it all whistles and blows, like the kettle of an insensitive and careless host.

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