Ivy, an adoptable dog from Peace for Paws Ohio.

Puppies On The Patio At Global Gallery Promotes Adopt Don’t Shop Philosophy

In honor of National Pet Day, Global Gallery hosted Puppies on the Patio on April 11. This event paired with Peace for Paws Ohio and Growlers Dog Bones to advocate for two very worthy causes.

Billy, an adoptable dog from Peace for Paws Ohio.

Peace for Paws was founded in 2011 by animal lovers hoping to make a difference. The rescue takes in pets from animal shelters with high kill rates. Most of the animals saved by Peace for Paws are dogs that were days away from being euthanized in these shelters.

Mary Jo Kilroy, a former U.S. Representative, is a volunteer for Peace for Paws. She helped arrange the event after her friend and Global Gallery board member, Amy Palmer, reached out. Together they found the perfect way to celebrate National Pet Day and try and find homes for some deserving dogs.

“I’ve been kind of a dog lover my whole life. When I grew up we always had dogs. My grandfather used to bring home dogs needing rescued. My father used to bring home dogs needing rescued,” said Kilroy. “I guess I come by it naturally.”

Kilroy fosters dogs for Peace for Paws regularly. She got involved with the organization after seeing friends share pictures of the dogs needing homes and foster homes on social media.

Currently, Kilroy fosters a sweet dog named Ivy. She knows that someone will fall in love with Ivy just as much as she has.

Ivy, an adoptable dog from Peace for Paws Ohio.

Serving treats for the visiting dogs was Growlers Dog Bones. This nonprofit organization employs and does vocational training with individuals with disabilities. Using spent grains donated by local breweries and a mix of other local ingredients, Growlers makes dog treats that Spot will certainly “sit” for.

The Columbus breweries involved in this project include Columbus Brewing Company, Seventh Son Brewing Company, Elevator Brewing Company, Lineage Brewing, 2 Tones Brewing, Platform Beer Company, Rockmill Brewery, Land Grant Brewing Company, North High Brewing Company, and Ill Mannered Brewing Company.

“Every one of the brewers that are on that list, they have been so supportive,” said Amy Noltemeyer, founder of Growlers Dog Bones. “It’s unbelievable how supportive.”

Growlers isn’t even a year old yet, but thanks to the support and interest of the community, they are already thinking big for the future.

“Our idea is that we will try and grow, and Dog Bones is just the start,” said Noltemeyer. “So that some day, sooner than later, we’ll have an opportunities kitchen.”

This kitchen would serve as a place for differently abled people to test out their skills. It would go beyond the baking of dog biscuits and allow workers to not only test their own recipes but their own dreams. The Opportunities Kitchen will literally help cook up the ideas of its individuals, no matter their interest.

Meeko, an adoptable dog from Peace for Paws Ohio.

Events like Puppies on the Patio are great opportunities for the dogs in the care of Peace for Paws. It gives them the chance to socialize, get used to being in a new, busy space, and they have the chance to find a forever home.

“One of the advantages of getting a dog from a foster-based rescue like we are is that we let you know what the dog is like. The dog has been in the home so we know whether the dog like cats or don’t like cats. Or gets along with other dogs. Gets along with kids or is afraid of kids,” said Kilroy. “I think it’s a good way to figure out if that dog is right for your family.”

Three dogs of the more than 25 pets in the care of Peace for Paws Ohio participated in the event. With lots of puppy kisses to share and a tail to wag, Billy, Ivy, and Meeko all deserve a loving family.

“The more they see them, the more people realize that there are great dogs out there that can be adopted,” said Kilroy. “You don’t need to go to a pet store to buy a dog. You don’t need to go to a breeder and pay thousands of dollars to get a good dog. There are great dogs in our shelters and in our rescues.”

For more information about Peace for Paws Ohio and the dogs in this article, visit their website at www.peaceforpawsohio.org. To read more about Growlers Dog Bones and their mission, learn more about their story by visiting www.growlersdogbones.org.

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