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Hundreds Gather To March In Support Of The Mueller Investigation

Nationwide protests and rallies took place on Thursday night in opposition to the forced resignation of former Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Rapid response protests had been planned for months if the president took action to impede the Russia investigation by firing either Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller or Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Many activists considered the Sessions removal and the appointment of Matt Whitaker as acting A.G. to be the same. So the protests, organized by, went ahead as scheduled.

In downtown Columbus, hundreds of protesters began in Bicentennial Park before marching past the Ohio Supreme Court and concluding their protest outside of Senator Rob Portman’s office.

The protesters abided by all laws and were escorted by police during the march. The goal of the march was simple: protesters are very concerned about the Russia investigation and want to make sure that it will continue.

“The message that I think we really want to hear is we want to make sure that our congresspeople, whether they be senators or they be in the house that they take action to protect this Mueller investigation so it is allowed to conclude,” organizer Benita Kahn told NBC4.

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