Police Chief Kim Jacobs Recommends 24 Hour Suspension Of Officer Zachary Rosen

Some are saying that a 24-hour suspension for the officer that stomped a restrained suspect is just not enough.

Following the investigation of a Columbus Officer’s use of excessive force, Police Chief Kim Jacobs has recommended a 24-hour suspension for the Officer in question. In a video taken by a nearby witness, Officer Zachary Rosen can be seen stomping the head of 26-year-old Demarko Anderson while he was lying prostrate, on the ground, and in handcuffs.

Officer Rosen was also involved in the shooting of 23-year-old Henry Green last June while undercover and in plain clothes. Community activist groups are calling the suspension “a joke” and demand the immediate firing of Rosen.


The Police Chief’s memo comes just two days before the acquittal of Officer Jeronimo Yanez, who fired seven shots into the body of Philando Castille during a routine traffic stop.

African-American communities across the country are saddened and dismayed but not shocked. Incidents of hostility against African-Americans by members of the police force have garnered national attention without much in the way of significant action taken judicially or legislatively.

Many are asking how an entire population of people should feel about the frequency and ferocity of these incidents and how they should react moving forward.

As of now, the Police Chief’s recommendation will go to the Public Safety Director who will make the final decision regarding any possible disciplinary actions taken against Officer Rosen.

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