Mouse Traps And Ping Pong Balls: This Ohio Video Shows The Importance Of Social Distancing

Before there were any cases of COVID-19 in Ohio, state officials were making crucial decisions regarding social distancing.

Canceling the Arnold Sports Festival wasn’t an easy decision and early on, it was met with some resistance. But Governor DeWine has said that listening to the team of doctors and scientists assembled made it clear that having that many people crammed into the Greater Columbus Convention Center would not have a good outcome.

The state’s guidance on social distancing has been clear and concise from the very beginning, and because of the measures taken by Gov. DeWine and Dr. Amy Acton, Ohio has had significantly fewer cases and fatalities than other states.

Now, that easy-to-digest information that the Ohio Department of Health has been delivering to Ohioans is getting worldwide attention.

In a recently released PSA, a single ping-pong ball falls onto tightly packed mouse traps, which are each topped with more ping-pong balls. As the somewhat over-dramatic music builds, the perfectly arranged rows pop and spring into the air, triggering a cascade of mouse traps. This portion of the video represents the unmitigated spread of coronavirus throughout the population, and the results are messy.

The stage is then reset with mouse trap ping-pong ball traps, but this time, they are spread much further apart. When the solo ball drops, it skips safely to the other side of the traps, without setting off a single one.

The imagery is clear: there is safety in distance.

The video spread across the internet fairly quickly after it’s release. From The Washington Post to the Today Show, people were impressed with how clearly it illustrated the benefits of social distancing.

The video even made it across the pond and onto the Twitter account of one of the world’s most iconic authors, J.K. Rowling.

The video has been re-tweeted, shared on Facebook, posted on Instagram, and viewed on Youtube millions of times by people all across the world. Ohio has given us a lot of reasons to be proud during this pandemic, and the way they’ve effectively communicated information is just one more to toss in the bucket.

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