Palace Theatre

Hold On To Your Butts – Palace Theatre Is Supersizing Their Seats

It’s not news that Americans are a little larger than our 1920’s ancestors. On average, of course. I’m not talking about you.

This has consequences for entertainment venues built way back then, and Palace Theatre has noticed the comments:

Palace Theatre tight seats reviews

The theatre is going to do something about it, and will be closing down until November to install new seating on the main floor that will be wider, and more spacious in general. Balcony seats will also be seeing changes with new cushioning. The capacity of the theatre will fall from 2,837 to 2,691, but audience comfort will go up by roughly 1000%.

This will be the first renovation for Palace Theatre in 35 years, and will also feature:

  • plaster repair
  • new paint and color scheme
  • new front entry doors
  • lobby renovations

The theatre should re-open in November if everything runs to schedule.

Even bunnies have gotten bigger.via GIPHY

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