Our Most Popular Articles: 2018 Edition

Year two of Columbus Navigator. Complete.

2018 has been a trip. Someday I’m going to need to write a book.

However you’ve ended up here, whether a friend told you about the newsletter, or you saw us on Facebook, or maybe you follow us on Instagram, know we appreciate you. Running into readers, hearing from people who take the time to reply to the newsletter, and talking to people about Columbus are all the best parts of doing this.

Thank you.

2018 Navigator milestones:

  • 10,000 newsletter subscribers (Haven’t checked it out yet? Subscribe here.)
  • We hired Leanne Moore as our Events Director and sold out our first ever event. Columbus Donut Fest is coming up in January of 2019, and we are so excited. (Miss out on Columbus Donut Fest tickets? Join the mailing list and be ready for 2020.
  • We upped our Instagram game thanks to Leanne, and we’re on a mission for 10,000 followers. (Help us out by following us! It’s good, I promise.)
  • Finally, we launched our sales team so that we could generate some revenue and do all the wildly ambitious things the Navigator team is looking forward to doing. So far we have two incredibly talented people who love talking business: wunderkind Brad Sidwell and new addition Eric Reed (more on Eric soon, but I’ll just say this – if you own a business he’s the guy you want to talk to about growth.) Want to collaborate? Hit us up!

I love the 2018 list of most popular Navigator articles.

It’s a perfect summary of what we’re about here at Navigator, and I think in its own way it also serves as a snapshot of our readers in 2018. I’d want to hang out with the person who was into these 12 articles.

12. The Best Restaurants In Columbus

A regularly updated, constantly evolving attempt at making sense of the Columbus food scene.

11. The Best Brunch Spots In Columbus

Columbus has brunch SO covered. We are blessed.

10. G.D. Ritzy’s In Clintonville Is Finally Open And It Was Worth The Wait

Between this and Swensons I almost don’t even need the upcoming Easton Shake Shack.

9. You Can Host A Dog From The Franklin County Dog Shelter For A Holiday Sleepover

The clear winner for 2018’s best marketing campaign. People loved the idea of this so much that it wasn’t surprising to see the story picked up nationally.

8. Three Dog Bakery’s Closure Sends A Clear Message To Small Businesses In The Short North: It’s Only A Matter Of Time

Chelsea’s look at Three Dog Bakery and changes in the Short North was one of my personal favorite articles of the year.

7. This Sunday, Stars Hollow Will Only Be A 2-Hour Drive From Columbus

If a central Ohio small town wants to generate a mountain of tourism traffic, this would do it, based on the reaction to this news.

6. 7 Magical Christmas Towns & Villages In Ohio

Ohio Christmas is super underrated.

5. The Fantasy Columbus Transit Map Has Been Updated And It’s Breathtaking

The debate on mass transit in Columbus is decades old at this point, and sometimes it seems like everyone is tired and over it, and yet the excitement over this fantasy map was off the charts.

4. Photos: Topgolf Is Open And It’s Totally Wonderful

It lived up to the hype.

3. 16 Gorgeous Places To Go Camping In Ohio

Sleeping outside more is one of my goals for the upcoming year.

2. How To Spend The Perfect Day In Yellow Springs

If you haven’t taken the day trip to Yellow Springs yet, make that a 2019 goal. It seems to be universally loved.

1. 15 Amazing And Relaxing Romantic Weekend Getaways In Ohio

Stressed is our collective baseline these days, so it’s not a surprise that people were looking for love and relaxation.

2019, here we come.

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