12 Reasons The Other Prom Is The Best Prom

Every year Kaleidoscope Youth Center puts on an event called “Other Prom”.

Other Prom is free prom/party for LGBT+ students and their allies ages 12-20. This year, the event will be held on May 26, 2018, from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. at the Mershon Auditorium, 1871 North High St. Just in case you need a little convincing, here are 12 reasons why the Other Prom is the best prom.

1. It’s free

Okay, this one is pretty obvious but come on, it’s a good reason. Traditional high school proms can cost anywhere from $50 to even $100 just for a ticket. And that doesn’t even include all the extras like your outfit, maybe a dinner, flowers or hair and makeup if those are things you want to do. This prom can be absolutely free.


2. You can wear anything you want

Each year the Other Prom has a theme and this year the theme is “glow” so you can wear a glow themed outfit, dress casual, or dress up. No matter what you wear, you will slay like the royalty you are as soon as you step in that door. No one will judge you no matter your chosen look.


3. You get to meet new people

Whether you come with a date, a group of friends, or by yourself, you are sure to meet tons of new people. Since the Other Prom is open to students of any school, you get to dance up a storm with people from all over the city!


4. Free food and drinks

This one speaks for itself I think. Who doesn’t love free food?


5. You don’t have to be a junior or senior in high school

Most proms are restricted to juniors and seniors. The Other Prom is open to ages 12-20! This also goes with meeting new people since there are just more people that are able to attend!


6. Your teachers won’t be there

Oh, the beauty of the chaperones. Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand why there are teachers and parents there to chaperone prom and make sure nothing crazy happens. But dancing in front of your math teacher can feel a little awkward. At this prom, you likely won’t know the adults that are there to chaperone, so you don’t have to feel weird dancing your heart out. Which for the record, you shouldn’t anyway because you totally look great on the dance floor.


7. There’s going to be a professional photographer

You and your friends, new or old, can get some awesome good quality pictures together. It’s a great way to capture your memories of this sure-to-be-epic night.


8. The theme

The glow in the dark theme is pretty sweet. Black lights and neon colors scream party no matter where you are.


9. Kaleidoscope Youth Center is great

This event is organized by Kaleidoscope Youth Center, a center for LGBT+ students to seek support, meet other people like them, and explore the LGBT+ community in a way that feels safe and comforting. If you’ve never been to a Kaleidoscope event before this is a great way to meet some of the organizers and learn about other events and opportunities they have.


10. They’ll crown new royalty

To follow a prom tradition, prom royalty will be crowned! Who doesn’t love to watch a queen slay?


11. It’s open to LGBT+ and allies

This event is to give LGBT+ students a safe space, but it’s also open to allies of the LGBT+ community, so bring your besties! It’s a great way to expand your circle with the friends you already have.


12. It’s a safe space

Students across the country feel as though they can’t attend prom as their authentic selves for fear of mistreatment, unacceptance and sometimes even physical harm. These fears are eliminated at Other Prom. It is a truly safe space where students of all expressions and identities can be whoever they wish to be without fear of judgment. Prom night is a staple of the American youth experience and no one should be deprived of a fun night out of fear. So come as you are or come as who you’ve never been able to be, and rock the dance floor with friends who love everything about you.


If you or a super cool teen you know are interested in attending Other Prom, you can get more information here.

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