Christina Clemons competing in the 2018 USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships. Photo via Wikimedia Commons

OSU Grad Christina Clemons And Her Cool Ranch Doritos Earrings Are Going To The Olympics

Ohio State Athletics Hall of Famer Christina Clemons is officially an Olympian.

Clemons qualified for her first-ever Olympic team last weekend with her third-place finish in the 100-meter hurdles. Clemons made the team with a time of 12.53 seconds at the U.S. Olympic Trials.

During her time at Ohio State, Clemons set a variety of school records, including the 60-meter dash (7.23), 60-meter hurdles (7.91), 100-meter hurdles (12.68) and 4×100-meter relay (43.70). She was also a two-time NCAA champion, 10-time Big Ten champion and 11-time All-American.

“I’ve been going after this team since 2012,” Clemons said in an interview with NBC. “I’ve been looked over, I’ve been counted out, but when God is with you, it doesn’t matter. I’m just so happy.”

It goes without saying that her athletic accomplishments were center stage at the trial, but her fantastic and quirky Cool Ranch Doritos-themed earrings nearly stole the show.

“I made the Olympic team wearing a bag of @Doritos on my ears,” she Tweeted. “Twitter, I need y’all to do your thing! We need to blow Doritos mentions UP.” Well, Doritos saw and offered their congratulations and encouraged Clemons to hit up their DMs so they could chat.

Hot Topic, where Clemons purchased the earrings, also got in on the fun.

You can cheer on Clemons as she competes in the 100-meter hurdles competition at the Tokyo Olympics starting on July 31 in the qualifying round. It’s not a guarantee, but there’s also a decent chance you’ll spot Clemons in a collab with Doritos in the near future.

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