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OSU Will Now Cover The Entire Tuition Of Any Student Eligible For The Ohio Pell Grant

In-state students from economically difficult backgrounds will now receive unprecedented support from the college.

Ohio State University just upped the ante when it comes to educational affordability. Starting in 2018, any incoming student eligible for a Pell Grant will also receive financial aid from the school covering the full cost of their yearly tuition. Not only that, but the new affordability initiative will also extend to any currently enrolled students going into the 2018 school year.

The recent change in tuition policy comes as a part of the $100 million need-based commitment that the school’s president made in 2015. “Ohio State’s tuition coverage program will help bring the American Dream closer to many more individuals and families throughout the Buckeye State.” Said University President, Michael V. Drake.

The average tuition for an incoming first-year comes to $10,591, with Pell Grants going toward individuals with a family household income totaling $50,000 or less yearly. It’s estimated that it will cost the school $11 million dollars per year, covering close to 3,500 in-state students.

The program strives to provide higher education for lower and middle-class students on an unprecedented scale. “Addressing college costs and protecting college opportunity are defining issues of our time,” said Drake. “Ohio State is fully committed to being a leader in this effort.”

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Combined with recent tuition freezes for existing and incoming students, extending Land Grant scholarships, and reducing summer tuition, the school has all but ensured an enrollment swell in the upcoming years.

With the promise of unemployment and opiate addiction hovering over many middle and lower class students in the state, the hope of an education may be exactly what Ohio’s youth needs.

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