5 Ways On Our Sleeves From Nationwide Children’s Is Changing The Conversation On Mental Health

Nationwide Children’s Hospital sponsored 💸 this post. But rest assured, all thoughts and opinions contained within are genuine and our own. 👍🏼

The On Our Sleeves movement, launched on World Mental Health Day 2018, is on a national mission to break the silence surrounding children’s mental health.

In order to truly care for a child, as a society, we have to treat mental and physical health with the same vigor and compassion. Across America, children’s mental health is an often overlooked and vastly underfunded component of pediatric health. The uphill battle doesn’t stop there. For every 15,000 youths, only one child psychiatrist is available to treat them.

The lack of resources and funding complicate the efforts to make significant changes that will impact kids in important formative years.

It’s time to have a conversation about our children. Here’s how On Our Sleeves at Nationwide Children’s Hospital is changing the dialogue about mental health.

By involving the community

It takes a village, right? Community is so important when it comes to dealing with any health struggle, and mental health is no exception. By engaging community partners, On Our Sleeves is showing support and solidarity with children and their families as they seek treatment for mental illness.

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By listening to kids

The spirit of On Our Sleeves looks to the feelings that children are experiencing and how much easier it would be if you could see those emotions on their sleeves. By providing icons that represent these feelings, the campaign is helping children identify and share their struggles with their parents and their doctors.

By educating the public

The goal of On Our Sleeves is to break the stigmas surrounding mental health. By providing information to the public, giving resources to schools and teachers, and encouraging a more mindful and open discussion of mental health, real change can be made.

By providing resources for families

Illness of any kind has a way of permeating throughout an entire family unit. Providing support for parents and siblings of children suffering from mental illness is a total game changer. Only when we begin to understand the struggles of others can we truly help them.

By having the conversation

Breaking the silence is key when it comes to changing the way we think about children’s mental health. By showing support, through advocacy, donations, and education, we can make a difference in the lives of kids everywhere.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Find out what you can do to change the conversation and more information at Nationwide Children’s On Our Sleeves

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