Watching Ohio State Buckeyes Players Guess 90’s Pop Culture Is Hilarious, But It’s Going To Make You Feel Old

It’s not easy to come to terms with the fact that the 1990s were decades ago.

It feels like just yesterday that I was watching Legends of the Hidden Temple and being afraid of my cousin’s Furby during sleepovers. But alas… the 1990s are long over. Some of the style of the nineties may be coming back, but that doesn’t mean that everybody is an expert on the decade.

The Ohio State University decided to quiz some of the football team’s 90’s knowledge and make us all feel really, really old in the process.

While some of the questions were definitely more challenging than others, the one that really made me feel older than I’ve ever felt before had to be the students reactions to a floppy disk.

The players did pretty well on all of the pop culture questions, but the technology of the 1990s was not their strong suit. And who can blame them? Most players on the Ohio State Football team weren’t even born until the early 2000s, so pagers and floppy disks are certainly not items they’d remember being in use.

Now that we’re all feeling nice and old, let’s get in there and watch the full video. Prepare to laugh (and maybe cry).

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