September 8 Medical Marijuana Deadline Is A Bust, No New Date Announced

Medical Marijuana growers in Ohio will not be ready ahead of the upcoming September 8 deadline.

Unlike pharmaceuticals created in labs and then sold to the masses, marijuana requires grow time, around 16 weeks to be specific. Although there are growers in place, they have yet to meet guidelines implemented by the state.

Senior policy adviser for Ohio’s Department of Commerce Mark Hamlin told This Week News that no growers have planted cannabis yet and only one has been inspected. That inspection was failed.

When cultivators were licensed back in November, the State expected them to complete background checks and paperwork in-time to be inspected. “We were reliant on those handful of cultivators, and if they weren’t able to do what they needed to do to get their certificates of operation, then we would be in a position where it wasn’t likely we would have product on the shelves in September,” said Hamlin.

Although the state is willing to lay all the blame at the feet of the growers, legislators disagree.

Now that the September 8 deadline has gone up in smoke, there is no clear date projected for the implementation of the program.

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