Ohio History Connection Is Exploring The Mystery Of This Century Old Ohio Cold Case

Pearl Bryan, the victim in a mysterious Ohio cold case. Photo via Facebook

The of the murder of Pearl Bryan has been a mystery for over 120 years.

In 1896, a headless woman’s remains were discovered near Cincinnati. At the time, police didn’t have the benefit of DNA or fingerprinting, and without a head, the victim was a challenge to identify. A shoemaker was able to identify the woman thanks to a distinctive pair of shoes she was wearing.

Pearl Bryan was only 22 years old. The young woman was pregnant and had recently moved to Cincinnati at the suggestion of her lover, a dental student named Scott Jackson. This is one of the oldest cold cases in Ohio and Ohio History Connection will welcome journalist Amber Hunt as she delves into the mystery.

Amber Hunt, investigative journalist and podcaster.

Hunt is known for her work on true crime, both in her time as an investigative reporter with the Cincinnati Enquirer and as the co-creator of the Accused podcast. The event will take place virtually on April 29 at 7 p.m. Tickets are $20, unless you’re an Ohio History Connection member, in which case tickets are $5!

For more info about the event, you can visit the Ohio History Connection website here.

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