7 High School Referees Were Barricaded In A Locker Room After A Grove City Football Game

During a high school football game between rivals Grove City and Central Crossing, seven referees were trapped in a locker room.

The rivalry between the two schools has a history of being competitive, but the game on September 10th reached a serious boiling point. The crew officiating the game has filed a report with the Grove City Police Department after they were barricaded inside their locker room at the end of the game.

The door had been barricaded by a large vending machine and the crew was trapped for around 20 minutes before they managed to force a small opening in the door they could escape through. The officiating crew was in a locker room in the Grove City recreation center where they were completing their postgame review.

One of the referees, Keith Dalton, told NBC4 that he believes they were intentionally trapped due to a controversial call made during the game. After the call, an assistant coach from Grove City was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct. According to Dalton, that coach was suspended for one game after the incident.

According to a report by The Dispatch, other officials told police that the assistant approached them in a “very threatening manner” after the game and was restrained by other Grove City coaches. 

“As an immediate corrective step, we are assigning a Grove City Police Department officer to monitor the hallway area around the officials’ locker room during halftime and at the conclusion of each future contest to ensure everyone will have a safe and positive experience at our athletic contests in the future,” South-Western City Schools said in a statement. “We are continuing our investigation to determine who was responsible for this incident so we can take action regarding their behavior. Such conduct has no place in our school community.”

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