The Ohio Education Association Warns The State About ECOT’s Latest Move To Consider Itself A Dropout-School

The OEA goes up against ECOT, urging the state to look carefully into the school’s new change of status.

Once again, ECOT finds itself fighting to stay alive and scrambling to keep its head above water. This time the online charter school is using a school classification loophole to excuse its student’s low academic ratings.

But the Ohio Education Association, the largest teacher’s union in the state, is warning officials of a possible deception by the charter school.

ECOT has already been under fire by the state for inflating their enrollment numbers. The move resulted in the school being forced to repay a whole $60 million dollars it received in grants from the state.

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Now ECOT finds itself taking flack for the poor grades of its students and its weak graduation rate, which could cause them to lose their sponsor and force them to close their electronic doors for good.

That’s when the school came up with the plan to change their classification from a general education charter to a dropout and recovery school.

The new classification greatly reduces their grade and graduation requirement, allowing them to either retain their sponsor (the Educational Service Center of Lake Erie West in Toledo) or to possibly find a new one. Either way, it’s a move that keeps them in the game, alive and kicking.

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To be considered for recovery school status ECOT must first prove that the majority of its students are between ages 16 and 22. They must also prove that most students are also at least one grade level behind in schooling.

The sudden change in status prompted the OEA to write a letter to the state, advising them to look closely at the school’s numbers before approving their recovering standing.

With the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow already caught redheaded embellishing their numbers, it’s unlikely that the state would allow the school to pull the wool over their eyes a second time.

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