Northstar Cafe’s Iconic Earth Day Celebration Will Go Ahead This Year, With A Twist

For the last 15 years, Northstar Cafe has spent Earth Day celebrating sustainability and the community. Each year, they gather fans of the restaurant together in a celebration for a free burger and a hectic afternoon of good food and conversation.

This year, that celebration is going to look a little different. The past month has been full of hard days, the hardest days that the restaurant industry as a whole has seen in a very long time. Restaurants have been restricted to carry-out only and some have found even that to be unsustainable. But Northstar Cafe has found a way to persevere, and now they want to bring the community together once more on Earth Day.

On April 22, visitors are invited to celebrate Earth Day with a veggie burger from Northstar for a great cause. This year, the burgers will be served at regular prices with 100% of the sales going directly to the restaurant’s employee relief fund.

“Earth Day is part of our community tradition and an important community event for us and our teams and for many guests,” said Northstar Cafe founder Kevin Malhame. “Right now while everything is upside down it feels more important than ever.”

Northstar Cafe’s curbside service will bring the veggie burgers right to your car.

The struggle of owning a restaurant right now can’t be understated. While some businesses have been able to transition to a work-from-home format, that’s not a possibility in the service industry. Malhame credits his staff for their commitment to the business and to their customers.

“Our team has been just incredible and so adaptable and so hard working. The thing that is so unusual and difficult is just how immediate and out of nowhere came, and how fast our team had to react,” said Malhame. We’re all in this mode now where we’re kind of on a 24-hour cycle of making changes to the business to keep improving and keep adapting.”

To promote social distancing on Earth Day, customers will only be able to order via app or website for curbside pickup. The menu is available now for preorder and it’s likely that the spots will fill up fast.

So what’s on the menu this year?

  • The famous Northstar veggie burger
  • Chocolate chip cookies
  • New carryout cocktails, which include Northstar’s House Margarita (house sour mix with fresh citrus and organic simple syrup, tequila, and Cointreau), Ginger Mojito (made with fresh lime, mint and organic ginger simple syrup), and a Bloody Mary for brunch (organic tomato juice, freshly grated horseradish, and local Watershed vodka).

For Kevin, using this time-honored community tradition to benefit his employees is one way to show his immense gratitude for their hard work.

“I think every business owner knows that the people, the leadership of your team and the people that are on the team are an important part of your success,” he explained. “I am very thankful that we basically had 15 very good years as a company. But in this one really, really hard month, I’ve never been more grateful or valued the quality of the people in our team more.”

There will be limited spots available to pick-up your curbside veggie burgers throughout the day on April 22, so if you’re hoping to participate in the 2020 Earth Day celebration, it’s best to plan ahead.

For more information, or to place your Earth Day order, you can visit Northstar Cafe’s website here.

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