A Fresh North Market Tower Update

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North Market Tower is everchanging.

The newest designs for the North Market were presented this week to the Columbus Downtown Commission. North Market Development Collaborative submitted pieces of the project’s design and their planned interaction with the neighborhood at a meeting on Tuesday morning.

The tower is expected to include 90,000 square feet of office space, 150 residential units, a hotel with 200+ rooms, and 11,000 square feet of market space. Additionally, a parking garage is planned for the current parking lot at 59 Spruce St.

North Market Tower, from Vine & Wall.
North Market Tower Plaza

The building will have multiple rooftop decks, including a swimming pool area and spaces for tenants and residents of the tower. The hotel will also have a ballroom that serves as the main event space.

The plans will be under further review by both the Downtown Commission and the city’s Historic Resources Commission. If all goes according to plan, the work on the development will begin in 2020 and be completed in late 2022.

The building has undergone some height reduction, as Columbus projects are known to do, but it will still be a major addition to the city skyline at 333 feet.

North Market Tower, from Spruce & Wall.
North Market Tower from Spruce St.


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