These Adorable Shelter Dogs Have Become Works Of Art At North Market

There’s nothing more amazing than the love of a dog.

I stand by that statement 100%. Dogs are honestly too good for us and we don’t deserve them. But they deserve wonderful homes, which is why I’m pretty excited about this.

Pawtrait Love will be on display at North Market through late April. The photos presented in the show feature the adorable dogs of Franklin County Dog Shelter, some of whom are still searching for their forever homes.

The images are bright and joyous. A few of the pups even seem to be sporting contagious grins. These special moments were captured by photographer and Franklin County Dog Shelter volunteer, Kim Rottmayer.

Photographer Kim Rottmayer poses with a shelter pup. Photo via Picture the Love

“When I started putting the show together, I thought they were going to be some paid clients mixed in with shelter dogs. But I kept being drawn to the shelter dogs. I see the joys of them coming to life a little bit more behind the camera,” said Rottmayer. “When we own our dogs and they’re in a completely comfortable setting, it’s pretty common to see them happy and giving those facial expressions. But with the shelter dogs, we see that a little bit less.”

Owning her own business doesn’t leave Rottmayer an abundance of free time, but she always makes volunteering at the shelter a priority.

“I’m proud to be a volunteer and to have met so many homeless animals that have impacted my life,” she explained. The animals have a way of giving just as much back to the volunteers as they’re getting.

There are around 20 portraits on display at North Market, all of which are available for purchase. 25% of sales will go back to the shelter to help sick and injured dogs. If you’re interested in seeing more work by Kim Rottmayer or booking a session for your pup, you can reach out via Instagram here. For more info about North Market, please click here.

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