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North Market Says ‘So Long’ To Styrofoam And ‘Hello’ To A Sustainable Future

Is there anything worse than ordering delicious food only to have it shoved in a sweaty, styrofoam container?

Of course there is. But that doesn’t make eating out of polystyrene foam containers any less irritating. Single-use items are terrible for the environment in general, but styrofoam and it’s generic versions are particularly deadly.

Styrofoam is created through unsustainable processes and less than 1% of this porous, easily fractured material is recycled. In fact, it often ends up in our oceans where it absorbs dangerous chemicals and often ends up in the stomachs of wildlife.

It’s not just wildlife that is impacted by the use of polystyrene foam. Styrofoam is composed of Benzene and Styrene, both of which are known human carcinogens.

With Earth Day right around the corner, The North Market has finally decided to stop their use of this harmful material.

“We’re listening to our guests and their consistent message has been to eliminate environmentally harmful Styrofoam products at the North Market,” said Jeff Pongonis, the NMDA Board President, according to 614Now.

“With consideration for our merchants and research into products offered as replacement for those currently in use, we’ve chosen to transition away from non-recyclable and single-use Styrofoam products. While long overdue at the Market, we hope to be a leader in the region and hope it will encourage other businesses to also transition to responsible products.”

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