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Do You Say “Ope”?

There are a lot of indicators that people are from the Midwest. We are (generally) kind, we love football, and we get overly excited when anyone talks about our hometown. But according to Twitter user @Alex_but_online, those aren't the only things we're guilty of. [On a date] Me: Ok don’t let her know…

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Yeeeee! Haaaaaaw! Fireworks Will Soon Be Permitted In Ohio, Legally Allowing Residents To Blow Off Their Hand As Early As 2020

State legislation is now trying to undo Ohio's oxymoronic fireworks law. Remember that weird and slightly stupid loophole that allowed you to purchase fireworks in Ohio but didn't allow you to set them off here? And remember how everyone pretty much went "mmm, naw, I'm just going to set these off here". Well, soon you…

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