WATCH: Two Giraffes Are Officially On Baby Watch At The Columbus Zoo

Two giraffes, Zuri and Cami are officially on a 24-hour birth watch by the Zoo’s animal care team.

Expectant Giraffe moms Zuri and Cami. Photo by Grahm S. Jones

While new zoo babies are always something to get excited about, these giraffe calves are even more special. According to National Geographic, “Giraffe numbers have plummeted across Africa by 40% over the past three decades with less than 100,000 animals remaining.”

The two new calves will be the first giraffes born at the zoo in nearly 20 years. The pregnancies were first announced back in June, with expectant due dates of August-mid September for 8-year-old Zuri and September-October for 6-year-old-Cami. Giraffes typically have a gestation period of around 15 months and newborn calves can weigh anywhere from 100-150 pounds.

Thanks to NatGeo, you can officially participate in the baby watch via live stream of the two maternity pens.