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A New State Based Law Enforcement Training Program Has Been Introduced In The Wake Of High Profile Police Altercations

The reality-based training program aims to tackle the issue of Ohio’s high profile police altercations.

Amid the many high profile police altercations, not just in Columbus but in Ohio as a whole, not much has been said or done by officials to correct or even recognize the issue.

Now, after the emotional beatdown of dozens of national news stories have wreaked havoc on the state’s name and well being, state law enforcement has decided to create additional “scenario-based” training.

Called the Scenario Training Equipment Program (or STEP), it’s tailored to simulate the stress and complications of real-life incidents. It covers everything from active shooter scenarios, to hostage situations, and de-escalating suspects verbally and non-lethally.

As of yet, there’s been no mention as to whether the program will incorporate any specific racial sensitivity or instruction against race-based assumptions when it comes to criminal profiling and threat assessment.

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