New Short-Term Car Rental Zipcar Coming To Columbus

There’s a new mode of transportation in town.

Zipcar is a short-term car rental provider, meaning if you only need a car for an hour or two, you can reserve your car, hop in and drive away. The service is similar to car2go but offers a wider variety of vehicles, from Honda Civics to Jeeps.

Zipcar has a variety of packages servicing customers who are casual users with one time fees or monthly subscribers. There is a one-time application fee regardless of which plan you choose, and rates vary by city and vehicle.

The cars do have a handful of rules that renters need to follow. Users are required to report any damage they see on the car before driving it and to return the car to it’s designated spot on time. They should also keep the car clean, transport pets only in carriers, and keep the gas tank at 1/4 of a tank using the gas card in the door. The cars are smoke-free.

Zipcar also probits the rental of cars for the following purposes: Driving tests, racing, towing, pushing or propelling any trailer or other vehicles, using Zipcar as a taxi service, Driving from the US into Mexico (Insurance does allow visitors to travel to Canada) Transporting hazardous, dangerous, or illegal materials, and the use of snow or tire chains.

Zipcar will officially launch in Columbus on Tuesday, June 26. For more information, please visit

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