One Good Thing: Gov. DeWine Shared This Heartwarming Video Honoring Dr. Acton And I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying

When we look back on this time years from now, there’s one thing we’re all going to remember: the strength of Dr. Amy Acton.

For most Ohioans, Dr. Acton probably wasn’t a person we were super familiar with until the beginning of March 2020. This month, she’s become one of our most beloved public servants. Her calm demeanor and ability to explain complex medical problems in a way that we can all understand has become instrumental in Ohio’s public health strategy.

Support for Dr. Acton comes all the way from the top here in the Buckeye state. Governor Mike DeWine has continually praised her and her handling of this crisis and today was no different. In celebration of National Doctor Day, Gov. DeWine released an incredibly touching video showcasing the impact Dr. Acton has had throughout the state.

Full disclosure: I totally teared up while watching this video. It’s so inspiring to see how Dr. Acton isn’t just saving lives, she’s changing them.

To all of the medical professionals on the front lines, today and every day: we thank you, we love you, and we’ll do our part to keep you safe.

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