Namaste Nail Sanctuary Is The Perfect Way To Spend A Little Time With Yourself

Namaste Nail Sanctuary sponsored 💸 this experience. But rest assured, all thoughts and opinions contained within are genuine and our own. 👍🏼

Namaste Nail Sanctuary isn’t just a place you go for a quick manicure. It’s an experience worthy of Tom and Donna on Treat Yo’ Self day.

After a little bit of difficulty finding the spa thanks to the GPS (Google is working on it), I was more than ready for an afternoon of pampering. But I really didn’t anticipate the level of relaxation I was going to encounter.

When I first walked into Namaste Nail Sanctuary, located at 671 Worthington Rd. in Westerville, the first thing I noticed was the scent. The whole lobby was full of a delightful, sagey fragrance which instantly put me at ease. After checking out the Cocoon Room, a very peaceful place to wait for your appointment, I got a rundown of exactly what the service would be like.

In addition to getting my nails done, I’d also be getting a hand massage, a paraffin wax treatment, and the thing I was most nervous about, a guided meditation complete with noise-canceling headphones and light therapy glasses.

When any experience comes with a “light sensitivity disclaimer,” I’m instantly acceptable. But in an effort to not be a total bump on a log, I decided to go all in and give the glasses a shot. Truth be told, I was also a little nervous about the guided meditation.

I’m an awkward laugher. You know, the kind that feels uncomfortable so they decide to laugh when it’s really inappropriate. For example, in a room full of people who are happily drinking crystal-infused water (it’s a real thing they offer) and trying to chill without some weirdo laughing at a perfectly relaxing guided meditation. That kind of awkward laugher.

My nail artisan assured me I’d do great and lead me back into The Sanctuary, aka the spa room. The Sanctuary was probably the most calming place I’ve ever stepped foot in that wasn’t in nature. The lights were dimmed and the furniture was super comfortable.

After getting situated, a lovely staff member of Namaste brought my noise-canceling headphones and light therapy glasses over, along with a small iPod like contraption to control my guided meditation. I was all set up for a “walk in the forest.”

While my nail artisan got started on my very busted up hands, I sat back and relaxed. When the guided meditation started, I was so proud of myself that I was keeping it together. But once it got going and the lights started gently flashing over my closed eyes, I forgot completely about being awkward or embarrassing.

My best description of the light therapy was that feeling when you’re taking a nap and sunlight is peeking through trees. It sort of flutters. That’s what was happening, all while I was getting a hand massage.

As the session went on, I realized the thing I loved the most about it. I’m a social person, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I just don’t want to talk. Sometimes I just want the very busy world to melt away and to not feel pressure to make small talk. This is exactly what Namaste Nail Sanctuary wants you to do.

With about ten minutes left to go in my manicure, I opted to remove the glasses and headphones, just to get a feel for the room. It was still relaxing af. Other people were getting manicures and pedicures, and only some were using the meditation equipment, but it was still peaceful and quiet.

The staff spoke softly and moved efficiently, with no clattering tools or loud noises. As my mani was drawing to an end, I almost regretted getting the Dazzle Dry Polish because I knew it would bring an end to my relaxation even sooner. Luckily, after I was done, I got to head back to the Cocoon Room for a few minutes to give my nails 5 minutes of drying time and to prepare myself for the outside world again.

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with my experience. Namaste offers a membership program that gives users huge discounts on services and products, but you don’t have to be a member to pop-in. If self-care was on the list of goals you set for yourself, I cannot recommend this place enough. To get more info or to book your appointment, you can visit their website here.

At the end, you’ll be so relaxed that you won’t want to leave. Namaste right here, thank you very much!

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