The Naked Magicians Prove That Great Magic Doesn’t Require Pants

On June 8, Down Under is taking over! The Naked Magicians are coming to the capital city, and they’re ready to put on a show.

When I found out this particular show was coming to Columbus, I just knew I had to get an interview. So on a quiet morning, I made my coffee and waited by the phone for Christopher Wayne, the Macklemore-esque half of the Naked Magicians to give me a call.

After some genuine good mornings and mild flirting, we got down to business. Chris was at a hotel in Charlotte, NC, one of many stops on their American tour, which had already taken them to dozens of cities since January.

Ever since I heard about their show, I knew the first question I wanted to ask. How on earth did they decide to take a naked magic show on the road?

“I was on a kids tv show, I was a magician on a kids tv series back in Australia, and Mike was a high-end corporate entertainer, and we both had really good careers as magicians,” explained Wayne. Mike Tyler is the other half of the Naked Magicians. They were both making decent money and enjoyed what they were doing, but the best friends knew they wanted to do something different and unique in magic.

“We didn’t know what that was for a while, and then we realized— In the history of magic, the second longest profession in civilization, no one had ever done a naughty magic show,” said Wayne. “And, we’re like, ‘surely that’s been done a hundred times over?’ But we get on the net, and no one had done it. Just a naughty magic show. And we’re like, That’s us. Let’s do it.”

By combining their bodies and their talents, the guys stumbled into a one-of-a-kind magic performance. However, being without clothes does present challenges for their art.

“The magic is a really strong part of the show. What we had to do to make that possible was we had to relearn magic effectively,” explained Wayne. “We spent months and months to come up with ways to make the magic in the show as incredible as possible and for us to be able to do that without the aid of clothes.”

“Great magicians don’t need pants,” he said with a laugh.

As for the challenges of not having sleeves and pockets, Wayne had a solution for that as well.

“What we did discover, is that a naked-butt Aussie makes for an incredible misdirection. Which serves in our purpose,” said Wayne.

The show is 90 minutes long, and it’s not just magic and hot guys. There’s a comedy aspect to it as well. Wayne described their show as “the most literal show on the planet”. They are naked magicians. But what the title doesn’t tell you, is that you’ll spend the whole time smiling.

“Our show has two naked Aussies doing magic and making you laugh,” said Wayne. “If you like the sound of that, come to our show. If you don’t, stay at home.”

The reviews of their shows from all over the country are pretty positive. But sometimes, they do meet resistance from local communities. Like they did in Dayton, OH.

“It was in Dayton that there were actually protesters. We made the front page of the paper because protesters went to the Chamber of Commerce and complained that our show shouldn’t be coming to down,” said Wayne. “Because it was “pornographic”. Which it’s not pornographic, it’s just naughty. They thought it shouldn’t be coming. The funny thing was, those people bought tickets so they could report back. And they made the mistake of sitting in the front row.”

The Naked Magicians take it all in stride. They know that some people have reservations about going to a show where the men are scantily clad. But they also know that everyone, deep down, has a naughty side.

“Here’s the thing. Everyone, no matter who you are, has that cheeky and naughty side. It doesn’t matter who you are, let’s be real,” said Wayne. “Some people have it on the surface. Like Mike and I, we have it on the surface, we wear it on our sleeves. Some people have it very deep down. But that’s all this show is about. It’s about celebrating and having a good time.”

The Naked Magicians will perform at the Southern Theatre in downtown Columbus on June 8, 2017. Tickets are available through CAPA and prices start at $35. The show is 18+.

For more information about the guys and their show, please visit The Naked Magicians website.