Columbus Artists Are Collaborating To Create Incredible Mural Cubes Around The City

If there’s one thing Columbus knows how to do well it’s make amazing art.

So it’s not at all surprising that some local artists are coming together to create blocks of beauty throughout the city. The Mural Cubes are constructed from four stylistically distinct 8′ x 8’x paintings, each created by different local artists.

Gravity Uplifts, the movement the murals are a part of, is a Can’t Stop Columbus-supported initiative that got its initial donation from Kaufman Development.

Artist Jen Wrubleski. Photo by Josh Miller.

The cubes are being placed in high-traffic locations where they can be enjoyed by the general public, or by frontline and healthcare workers as a thank you for their service to our community. Six to eight cubes are planned – each creating opportunity for four local artists. Can’t Stop Columbus is currently working with Create Columbus Commission to raise funds for additional cubes.

Through the collaborative support of private, public, and community partners, the cubes and other art projects have been launched to uplift the community through art, while creating income opportunities for 30 or more local working artists.

The first four mural cubes were placed in front of Gravity in Franklinton, on the Scioto Mile, and in front of OSU Medical Center’s campus and east locations.

Other artists are at work creating original poster and postcard designs. The posters will be displayed in hospitals, elder care facilities, and other sites where they can uplift those who are most affected by COVID-19. Postcards will be distributed to organizations and citizens for a letter-writing campaign to frontline workers and residents in elder care facilities.

To learn more about the Mural Cubes or the other projects, you can click here.

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