There’s A New Winner For The Most Popular Halloween Candy In Ohio

The results are in, and this year, a new winner was crowned.

In 2017, the most popular Halloween Candy in Ohio was the Blow Pop. Last year, Blow Pops were the highest selling candy weighing in at 150,324 pounds sold. Trailing closely behind was M&Ms at 146,782 pounds.

This year, M&Ms finally closed the gap. 164,757 pounds of M&Ms were sold in the Buckeye State, and Blow Pops officially moved into second place, where they belong (let’s be honest).

via Candy Store

The analysis was a part of a study done by, an online bulk candy distributor. Going back as far as 10 years, they combed through tons of their own sales data as well as information from manufacturers, to put together a set of solid numbers for each state.

M&Ms may not be the most exciting candy, but we’re definitely better off than Alabama, Iowa, New Mexico, Nevada, Idaho, and that awful state up north where the winner was Candy Corn.

How about a celebratory handful of M&Ms, Columbus?


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