5 Moments Of Joy You May Have Missed This Week

In days like these, it’s so incredibly important to hold onto moments of joy.

From good news about additional support for unemployed workers to charming viral videos from celebrities, there were definitely some things to smile about this week. I know I sound like a broken record, but taking time to think about something other than the overwhelming nature of Coronavirus is something we should do daily.

Whether it’s going on a walk with your family or busting out that puzzle you’ve been meaning to do, don’t subject yourself to a 24-hour news cycle. Stay informed about what’s going on, but if you’re at home and going a little stir crazy, give yourself a break from the bad news.

Here are a few stories you may have missed this week.


Music has the power to offer comfort and these Columbus kids proved that. 🎻

Taran and Calliope Tien, who are just 9 and 6 years old, put on a porch concert for their elderly neighbor who is in self-quarantine. You can read their full story here.

The Greater Columbus Arts Council launched an emergency relief fund for artists in Columbus. 🙌

Artists are eligible to request up to $1,000, with priority being given to those with the direst needs of shelter, food and other essentials. Applications will open immediately and be accepted on a rolling basis. Grants will be reviewed and awarded weekly until funds are exhausted.

Several grocery stores have designated the first hour of service for senior citizens and customers with chronic health conditions. 🛒

As we’ve heard every day for the past several weeks, we’ve got to do everything we can to protect our most vulnerable populations. Grocery stores like Meijer, Giant Eagle, and Target have comitted to serving those customers for the first hour of the day, after the store has been deepcleaned overnight and when the stores are less crowded.

Nina West started a storytime live stream for kiddos stuck at home, and it was magical.🌈

Everyone’s favorite ray of sunshine Nina West started “Story Time with Nina” on Instagram live, and kids around the world were loving it. If you’ve been looking for an afternoon activity to bring a little joy into your house, and to occupy your kiddos, look no further.

Ohio native John Legend put on a free, live stream concert from his house. 🎹

Pro tip: If you haven’t watched yet, get some tissues ready. That version of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” will get you.

Did you come across something that made you smile this week? Send it our way. We’d love to hear about it.

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