Photo by: Marisa Glusich

Columbus Music Organizations Team Up For Mindful Music Moments Program

The Columbus Symphony, with help from CAPA and Opera Columbus, has introduced a new program that uses music to help elementary school students focus.

Pickerington Elementary is the first central Ohio school to implement Mindful Music Moments. The program involves a daily mindfulness and classical music program that is designed to help students focus.

Photo by: Marissa Glusich

Students listen to four minutes of recorded classical music and relaxation prompts at the start of each school day, during morning announcements. The program combines music appreciation and stress-reduction techniques to help start students days in a mindful and peaceful way. Calming the students’ minds help them to prepare for a day of learning.

“This is a daily mindfulness and classical music program that creates a more calm, focused, and balanced start to the school day,” said Stacy Sims, founder of Mindful Music Moments.

Photo by Marissa Glusich
“Many children never get the chance to disengage from the constant, stress-inducing stimuli surrounding them. Finding inner calmness helps students access healthy brain processes, and as a result, they are better prepared to focus on schoolwork, discipline issues are reduced, and overall health is improved.”

Every week, a new classical composition is chosen by the Columbus Symphony, CAPA, or Opera Columbus. Sometimes, the program will correlate with upcoming performances at those organizations.

“The Columbus Symphony, CAPA, and Opera Columbus are very excited to help spearhead the development and implementation of this exciting program in central Ohio,” stated Jeani Stahler, director of education for the Columbus Symphony and CAPA.

“We believe that enabling students and their teachers to begin the school day with focused music-listening and a quiet look inward will set the stage for success – and we are proud to be a part of it.”

The program is already in place at schools in Cleveland and Cincinnati, but Pickerington Elementary is the first school in Central Ohio to implement Mindful Music Moments.

“We feel this is going to be a great way to get these kids started on the right foot each and every school day so they can relax, be calm, and take stress off their minds,” said Pickerington Elementary Principal Melissa Moriarty.

The program is crucial for students, especially for those that have stressful home environments. It allows the kids to prepare for the day ahead, and to unwind.

“Teaching students and staff members how to slow down and clear stress from their minds will promote mental tranquility and focus,” said Moriarty.

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