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Clevelander And Political Newcomer Mike Gibbons Announces His Intention To Run For U.S. Senate

A Cleveland businessman and political outsider makes a vow to clean up Washington.

Mike Gibbons, an experienced businessman from Cleveland, announced this week his intentions to run for Ohio’s U.S. Senate seat. Running as a political outsider, Gibbons is building a solid platform for job creation and an intention to “clean up Washington”.

“I’m a businessman, not a politician,” he says in his campaign video, “I speak bluntly, not in sound bytes. I have experience in the real world, not in government bureaucracy.”

Gibbons’ business experience is extensive, from partner to President and Chief Executive Officer, the native Clevelander has served companies in various positions and functions. In 2015 Gibbons even co-founded a startup called Luna Living, a company that provides treatment and recovery options for opioid addiction.

“Career politicians have failed us,”

Gibbons insists, vowing to clear up the red tape in Washington he says impedes on job creation. “Politicians don’t create jobs. Politicians have undermined our ability to create jobs.”

The Republican businessman will have to compete with State Treasurer Josh Mandel, a career politician and very much Gibbons’ opposite in that regard. He’s served as a city councilman, as a member of the Ohio House of Representatives, and has previously run for the Senate seat in 2012 before suffering defeat by Democrat Sherrod Brown.

“I have achieved success in the business world,” says Gibbons, “I don’t need politics to pay my bills. I have been blessed with a great family and a good life.”

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