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Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine Grants $2.7 Million To Opiate Addiction Programs

The Ohio Attorney General and governor-hopeful continues to address the state’s drug crisis.

In an attempt to curb the escalating crisis of opiate addiction, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has allocated more than $2.7 million dollars to drug use prevention programs in the state. Funds from the grant will go directly to law enforcement agencies to invest in their public school operations. Approximately 130 different police departments will receive a chunk of the $2,742,649, as long as they fulfill the requirement of including over-the-counter and prescription drug prevention education as a part of their agenda.

“The abuse of prescription drugs is one of the primary reasons behind the current opiate epidemic in Ohio,” states the Ohio Attorney general, “which is why it’s important that students receive age-appropriate lessons about the dangers of these and other drugs at an early age.”

This isn’t the Attorney General’s first concerted effort to combat the pandemic of drug addiction in the state.

Earlier this summer, DeWine leveled a lawsuit against five major pharmaceutical companies on behalf of Ohio. He accused the companies of purposefully misleading the public on the dangerous effects and addictive nature of their prescription products. He demanded they fess up to the part they played in creating the drug crisis and that they contribute to alleviating the problem.

As one of the leading Republican candidates for Governor, DeWine has made opiate addiction a primary issue in his campaign platform. Drug abuse is quite possibly the most important and dangerous threat facing Ohio today, causing many politicians on both sides of the aisle to also include it as part of their election discourse. As for the rest of us on the ground level of the opioid crisis, we can only hope that these speeches aren’t just empty discourse or that these actions aren’t hollow in nature. That, somehow, they make an impact on a statewide tragedy spiraling further and further out of our grasp.

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