The Midwest Hyperloop Route Just Got A Closer Look By Congress

Did anyone else sort of forget about the possibility of a hyperloop coming through Columbus? Because I did.

Virgin Hyperloop One was in Washington D.C. yesterday showcasing the technology to members of Congress and federal stakeholders at an event called “Hyperloop On The Hill”. Recently the U.S. Secretary of Transportation formed a Non-Traditional and Emerging Transportation Technology Council to support innovative transportation like hyperloops and self-driving cars, and current developments, including the hyperloop project here in Columbus, got a closer look.

And it seems they may be part of the near future.

“We are seeing growing interest and excitement in the hyperloop vision from across the United States at both local and federal level,” said Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group. “I believe we could see a hyperloop in the U.S. in years, not decades.”

Here in our neck of the woods, the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission is conducting a feasibility study of hyperloop technology along the Chicago-Columbus-Pittsburgh route, as well as an environmental impact statement.

“Our region is at the forefront of new mobility technology with the smart city efforts of Smart Columbus, building and testing transportation technology, and planning a hyperloop corridor,” said William Murdock, executive director of the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC). “By working even more closely with our federal partners to implement emerging technologies like hyperloop, the Midwest Connect Corridor could knit together a megaregion from Chicago to Columbus to Pittsburgh.”

“Doing so could improve the corridor’s global competitiveness, workforce opportunities, and quality of life for all three metro areas. That’s why we are excited for the NETT Council to develop and extend this smart transportation vision nationally,” said Murdock.

The hyperloop would allow for unprecedented levels of efficiency when it comes to moving between Chicago, Columbus, and Pittsburgh. There would be additional stops between each city, connecting smaller cities throughout Indiana and Ohio with the major cities in the region.

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