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Middle West Spirits’ Service Bar Will Open In October

One of Columbus’ best distilleries will be officially expanding their venture to include a restaurant this October.

Middle West Spirits will be opening their bar and restaurant, Service Bar, on October 5. The company had originally planned to open the restaurant in 2016, but regulatory issues held them up. According to Drink Up Columbus, when legislation changed allowing distilleries to add kitchens, Middle West Spirits jumped at the opportunity.

The kitchen at Service Bar will be headed by former Veritas Tavern chef, Avishar Barua. The beverage menu was designed by Beverage Director Jared Goody.

“We really challenged both Avishar and Jared to infuse their individual point of views in the launch menus,” Middle West Spirits co-owner Brady Konya told Drink Up Columbus. “It’s not just Middle West that’s being presented, they really have the chance to be our right and left arm for the way that we think about enjoying OYO in the glass and how it translates into food.”

via Middle West Spirits Facebook

If you’d like to get a taste of Middle West Spirits, you can take a tour of the distillery. The next tour is Friday, September 22. The tours last about one hour and they cost $10 per person. That price includes a sample (optional) of 3 OYO spirits.

For more information about Middle West Spirits, you can visit their website here.

Featured image via Middle West Spirits Facebook

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