Middle West Spirits Is Making Hand Sanitizer And Here’s How You Can Buy Some

After producing over 50,000 bottles of free hand sanitizer for front-line responders, one Columbus distillery is now opening up sales to the public.

Over the past two months, Middle West Spirits has been working with local, state, and national officials to produce hand sanitizer for Ohioans and to help develop the standards being followed by over 600 distilleries across the country to produce the sanitizer.

“Middle West Spirits’ mission to produce liquid antiseptic is born from a deep desire to help and protect our community’s most vulnerable front-line workers,” said Middle West Spirits Cofounder and Owner Ryan Lang “We also take our responsibility to our internal team very seriously. We want to activate opportunities to keep our Middle West families employed. The sanitizer project allows us to achieve both.”

Middle West Spirits is offering the public three different purchase options, including

  • Two 8-ounce bottles for $10
  • 12 8-ounce bottles for $60
  • 12 16-ounce bottles for $90

Producing hand sanitizer allows Middle West Spirits to use its experienced team and its unique capabilities to do meaningful work that connects them to the community during a historic window of need.

During times like these, supporting our local businesses is crucial. If you’ve been on the hunt for some hand sanitizer, you can order form Middle West Spirits here. If you don’t need to order any right now, but you’re interested in donating some hand sanitizer to first responders, you can click here.

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