The Messenger Wall, photo credit Eric Rausch and the Short North Alliance

Short North To Install First Permanent Mural In 10 Years

The first permanent public art installation in 10 years will begin this morning in the Short North, at the corner of 5th and High. The Messenger Wall, by Eric Rausch and Jen Kiko, will be put together brick by brick over the next two weeks.

The Messenger Wall, photo credit Eric Rausch and the Short North Alliance

“Over the last several years, the Short North Alliance has been hard at work developing project plans for new, permanent public artworks that reflect our community through contemporary creativity that infuses diverse and innovative artistic approaches into public space”, said Betsy A. Pandora, Executive Director of the Short North Alliance, in a press release.

The Messenger Wall, although the newest permanent mural, will hold a special significance to the community. It will be the embodiment of all of the “messengers” of the Short North, most notably John Angelo. Angelo founded the Short North Alliance, as well as several community events such as High Ball.

The Messenger Wall, photo credit Eric Rausch and the Short North Alliance

The art piece will consist of 650 hand-carved and pigmented bricks and 26 hand-carved and cast brick pigeons, in a variety of colors. “We are honored to pay tribute to the vibrant Short North community”, said The Messenger Wall artist, Eric Rausch in a press release.

“It’s the place where Jen and I fell in love, it is a highlight of our capital city, and the arts made that a reality. It is an incredible feeling to install a permanent artwork in this historic location.”

A public plaque installation and dedication ceremony are planned for Tuesday, June 13th, and a documentary segment about the installation process will air on WOSU on Thursday, May 11 at 8 p.m., with a repeat airing on Sunday, May 14 at 11:30 a.m.

The installation will take place over the next two weeks, and the Short North Alliance is asking that the public is respectful of the process by being mindful of the sidewalk closure and the artists working. For more information, please visit The Short North Alliance’s website. If you’d like to see more public art around Columbus, check out 10 of our favorites here.

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