Meijer Announced A Wine/Beer Delivery Service And People Are Pretty Happy About It

It’s a feeling most of us over 21 have had to deal with before. You want to relax with a nice, adult beverage, but the house is empty.


Maybe you’re having a party, or maybe you’ve just had a bad day. But on at least one occasion, some of us have uttered the words “If only someone would deliver some alcohol.” Well, ladies and gents, your dreams are about to come true. As long as they don’t involve rum.

Meijer recently announced that they’ll be delivering both beer and wine (no liquor) to customers via Shipt. According to their website, you could receive your order in as little as an hour. All customers have to do is join the delivery service and then provide valid identification to place and receive orders that include beer or wine.

Interested customers can sign up for annual or monthly memberships with Meijer Home Delivery, which cost $99 per year or $14 per month.

Obviously, people were pretty excited about it.

But no one says it better than Mark Taylor from NBC4.

I don’t need another monthly subscription in my life, but I certainly want this one. For more info, or to see if you can sign up faster than I will, please click here.

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