An Admired Short North Street Artist Was Attacked And Now He Needs Our Help

One of the things I love most about Gallery Hop is getting to meet new people.

Once a month, the Short North Arts District opens up the gallery doors and art spills out into the streets. People from all over the city, from all different walks of life, gather along North High Street to celebrate art and artists alike.

If you’re a regular Gallery Hop-goer, you’ve probably seen street artist Malcolm Jones and his work before. Jones is known for his streetscapes and he’s been a permanent fixture in the district for decades.

Jones has previously described his art as therapeutic, helping him to deal with his depression and to bring joy and purpose into his life. On March 1, his life was changed forever.

Jones was at Mike’s Grill in the Short North, a location where you’ll find both him and his artwork on display frequently when a customer was harassing bartender Roxanne Stevens. Stevens cut the belligerent customer off, and with the help of Jones, got him to leave the bar. But an hour later, the customer returned with a broken beer bottle.

According to Jones, his attacker climbed the fence and came back to the bar, then hit Jones in the eye with a beer bottle. Currently, doctors are unsure if Jones will regain sight in his right eye. His suspected attacker has been arrested.

via Facebook

“I still have my life, I still have relatively good health,” Jones told 10TV. “My biggest concern is will I be able to create art again? It’s pleasing to please other people, not just see a smile, and people are appreciative of your talent.”

No one deserves to be assaulted like this, but least of all Malcolm Jones. His creative spirit and positivity are an inspiration to many in Columbus, and that’s why people are lining up to help. A GoFundMe was started in Jones’ name to help offset the financial burden he’s now found himself in. If you’d like to contribute, please click here.

If you’re able, please take Malcolm’s words to heart. It is pleasing to please other people, and we could all help put a smile back on his face by donating a few dollars. Get well soon, Malcolm!

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