Local Librarian Finds $1,000 In Copy Of “The Babysitter’s Club”

It may seem like an episode of “What Would You Do?” but it’s just another Friday night at the Columbus Metropolitan Library.

Staff member Emily McPherson, who works at the Karl Road Branch of the library, was returning books on a busy Friday night a couple of weeks ago when she got a little surprise. As she flipped through the pages of The Babysitter’s Club, $100 bills came spilling out.

“It was right before we closed. I think two Fridays ago and we’re very busy on Friday nights. So, I was flipping through books, have to make sure everything that’s returned, it doesn’t have anything inside of it. And I flipped through it and hundred dollar bills just started falling out as I was doing this,” McPherson told NBC4.

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The bills totaled $1,000 and McPherson knew she had to figure out who they belonged to. She paged the last person to check out the book over the intercom and after a few minutes, the child’s mom came up to the counter.

According to McPherson, the child’s grandmother had placed the money inside the book inadvertently. The cash was returned to the family, who were grateful for McPherson’s honesty.

“I want people to trust us at the library,” said McPherson. “Everybody comes here and wants to have a good experience. I just wanted to reinforce that this is a place that people can go and be safe.”

Just one more reason why the library is one of our city’s greatest assets. After all…