Lion Cub’s Cookies Is Roaring Into Grandview With A New Brick And Mortar Location

Photo courtesy of Lion Cub's Cookies.

Lion Cub’s Cookies is announcing it will be opening its very first brick-and-mortar storefront at 1261 Grandview Avenue in the spring of 2021.

What started as an idea back in 2018, grew into a thriving new business throughout 2019. Lion Cub’s Cookies is headed up by founder and OSU alum Brad Kaplan. Lion Cub’s Cookies had just started to make a mark at pop-up events when COVID-19 hit and changed the way everyone was doing business.

When three of his part-time employees came to him and said that they had been laid off from their full-time jobs, Kaplan felt compelled to help in some way.

“That kind of changed how my outlook. It was really no longer about the concept, or the business, or the original trajectory that I thought we were going to take,” explained Kaplan. “There’s a very human emotional element at that point. And I really just wanted to help them out. My head was out of it, my heart was in it.”

That’s when Kaplan made the decision to pivot to a delivery service. The goal was to be a bright light in a dark time, not just for his employees who were counting on that income, but for the customers who were ordering Kaplan’s delicious cookies.

When things really started taking off, the team realized that their production kitchen wasn’t going to be conducive to fulfilling the number of orders they were receiving. Kaplan decided to take a look around in a few different neighborhoods around Columbus where their delivery rates had been high. After checking out dozens of options, he had a love-at-first-site moment with a store in Grandview.

“As soon as I walked in that Grandview location, at 8 in the morning that day, I immediately just kind of stood there. And without even really consciously thinking about it, I just had this picture being formed in my head of what the storefront will look like and all the different things that we could do,” said Kaplan.

He had his contractor over to look at the space later that afternoon and the rest, as they say, is history. The new storefront, located at 1261 Grandview Ave. is nestled in a small stretch of popular Columbus brands, like Jeni’s and Stauf’s.

This location will quadruple cookie production capacity for Lion Cub’s Cookies and Kaplan estimates that the brand will experience a 50% increase in demand within 6 months. For right now, Lion Cub’s Cookies has launched an Indie Go-Go campaign to help build out the new space. The goal is set for $40,000, which has been nearly met in just 24 hours. Perks for donating include everything from free cookies delivered to your door to swag to cookie parties.

Renovations haven’t begun yet on the new space, but Kaplan is hoping to achieve a welcoming atmosphere. He knew he didn’t want it to feel too modern. “Everything should be very nice, but it should have this like nostalgic, very friendly feel,” said Kaplan. “That’s what it should be. Nice, nostalgic, friendly, and it’s gonna smell amazing”

If you’d like to learn more about Lion Cub’s Cookies, you can visit their website here. For more information about their Indie Go Go campaign, please click here.

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