Land-Grant Isn’t Just Delicious – It’s Also Sustainable

Local brewers Land-Grant have announced a new series of beer called the Sun-Grant Series.

The Sun-Grant Series is named after the Sun-Grant Association, a group of Land-Grant Universities which perform research and development on “sustainable and environmentally friendly bio-based energy alternatives”.

Which means that Sun-Grant beers are brewed using sustainable ingredients as well as techniques.

“What’s really exciting is that we’re relatively small and rapidly growing, so as we pursue sustainability we’re also creating a replicable case study for other breweries and small businesses,” said Land-Grant’s Sustainability Manager, Vincent Valentino, in a press release.

The Sun-Grant series kicks off with Ra, Land-Grant’s Blonde Ale.

Land-Grant is donating $2 from every pint or six pack sold to the Sun-Grant Fund. The funds will be used to upgrade equipment, make repairs to buildings, and other things that will reduce the environmental impact Land-Grant has.

“My hope is to be able to share this information year after year—the collaborative spirit of the craft brewing industry—as a way to give back to our Columbus community,” said Valentino.

If you’re interested in learning more about Land-Grant’s sustainability efforts, you can visit their Sun-Grant page here.

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