Kristen Bell Wants You And Your High School Drama Buddies To Perform One Last Time

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. A chance to recreate that magical, wonderful performance from high school that we can’t let go of.

Okay, it probably wasn’t magical or wonderful to anyone else, but when you’re in a high school theatre department, it all feels pretty damned great. Actress Kristen Bell wants to give you and your former castmates the chance to do it all over again on her new show, ‘Encore’.

It should come as surprise exactly none of my readers that I was heavily involved in my high school’s theatre department.

Getting flowers from my sisters after my high school performance in ‘Annie’. Sadly, I was just a regular orphan.

And yes, we were so pretentious that we spelled theatre the “British” way. I was involved in all the classic productions, from Annie to Oklahoma. So when I heard the news about the concept for Kristen Bell’s new show, I have to admit that I got pretty excited.

The ‘Frozen’ star is teaming up with ABC to bring a new series called ‘Encore’ to our screens. The premise of the show is that Bell wants you and your highschool castmates to get back together for one night only, performing your favorite show from your high school experience.

The show is accepting applications now through December 4. To be on the show, you’ll have to apply, not only with information about yourself but some about your former castmates as well. (You’ll definitely need their consent so start that carefully crafted Facebook group message now!)

To apply to be on Encore, please click here.

Let’s relive our glory days, high school theatre nerds. (And hopefully, there will be a wicked cast party afterward.)

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