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Kick Butt Columbus 2017 Community Clean Up

This past Saturday, Columbus held it’s annual KickButt event, a community betterment project aimed at increasing awareness of cigarette butt littering while cleaning up the city’s highway off ramps.

According to their city website, 95 percent of cigarette butts are made up of a non-degradable plastic. Often times these butts find their way into lakes and rivers which could then affect marine life.

Though one tiny butt may seem like it doesn’t matter, eventually they add up, piling along the freeway and on the sides of roads. This is especially apparent in early spring after the winter snow melts, exposing the piles of garbage.

While discarded cigarette butts aren’t the only problem littering our streets, they tend to go unnoticed more often than larger trash until it becomes an obvious problem. Remember, littering is preventable Columbus, we just have to stay aware and be extra vigilant to keep our city clean.

What do you do to try and help keep our city clean? We want to know! Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!

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