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Why Isn’t Kasich’s State Of The State Address In Ohio’s Capital?

If not Columbus then where? Governor Kasich once again skips having his State of the State address in Ohio’s capital city

Governor John Kasich is prepared to make his second to last State of the State address today. But if you were thinking of catching it in person there’s bad news; instead of hosting it in Columbus, the governor has decided to take it on the road, hosting this particular speech in Sandusky, Ohio. This makes one of several state speeches in which Kasich has opted for a rural or small town setting rather than the state’s capital.

The decision to speak publicly in smaller towns could speak to his comfortability with a rural and mostly right-leaning audience. It could also mean he wants to address the more startling concern of Ohio’s opioid epidemic, which mainly affects rural areas of Ohio where jobs are scarce and poverty levels are higher.

Outside of Ohio’s major cities, education and the economy are key topics. The state’s dependency on property tax funding for public schools, not to mention a failing rural economy, all contribute to the decay of rural Ohio and its spiraling drug problem.

Hopefully, our governor will lay out ways of addressing these and other issues concerning our state at 7 p.m. tonight. You can catch the speech at or watch live on his Facebook page,

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