The Family Of Kareem Jones Files Federal Lawsuit Against Columbus Police

Police fatally wounded Kareem Jones, now his family seeks justice.

After reviewing body cam footage of the police altercation, the family of Kareem Ali Danir Jones has filed a federal lawsuit leveled against the Columbus Police Department. The lawsuit not only alleges that the shooting was unjustified but also points out the disproportionate use of force against African-Americans as department practice.

In the video, Jones is seen with his hands raised, backing away from officers and turning just before being gunned down. Police involved insist that he was reaching for a firearm that was later recovered at the scene.

While it is common department practice to use lethal force when a suspect is known to be armed, it is also policy to activate body cams before an enforcement action. The officers involved didn’t turn on their recorders until after the shooting, the footage only exists due to a device feature that leaps back to record 60 seconds before activation.

The controversy over the Kareem Jones shooting is just one of many disputable encounters between Columbus Police and the African-American community as of late.

From the stomping of Demarko Anderson to the shooting of Henry Green and the gunning down of 13-year-old Tyre King, these incidents represent a dangerous and concerning trend in our city.

Some may argue that recent events indicate nothing, that each episode was isolated, tragic, but ultimately justified. And this may be true, but it does seem to be a suspicious and jarring amount of smoke for there not to be any fire burning at the root of this swirling, angry, and ultimately saddening mass.

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