Kabob Shack In Hilliard Is Serving Up Delicious And Authentic Afghan Cuisine

Alright my little foodies, I’ve got a treat for you.

My ever-expanding quest to try a variety of cuisines around Columbus continues, and this time it brought me to Hilliard. Kabob Shack is located in a little strip mall, which automatically made me think it was going to be incredible. I have a really good track record with strip mall restaurants and let me just say, Kabob Shack did not disappoint.

The restaurant itself is pretty simple. There’s a decent amount of seating and you can either it in or carry out, which we saw plenty of people doing while we were enjoying our meal. I had checked out the menu online before we went, so I knew one thing I wanted for sure was an order of samosas.

I’ve never been happier than when I took that first bite. They were flavorful and the sauce that came with them was heavenly. We asked what was in it but it’s a shop secret, so we’ll just have to remember it in our dreams.

I was joined on this kabob adventure by my sister, who ordered and then profusely raved about the Chicken Tikka Kabob. I tasted it myself so I can safely agree with her when she said that it was “the most perfectly cooked chicken.”

I should note that both of these dishes actually come with raisins and carrots, but we’re not big raisin people and we asked for them to be left out. I regretted it instantly once I tasted my Chicken Chapli kabob.

My dish was a ground chicken with onions and spices, served with rice and a small salad. Everything about this dish was divine. From the blasts of flavor to the generous portions, I came home with leftovers for my husband who also fell in love with the meal.

The staff was warm and welcoming and the whole process was fast, from ordering to receiving our food. My only complaint about Kabob Shack is that the restaurant isn’t closer to my house. Kabob Shack is located at 4568 Cemetery Rd. in Hilliard.

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