via Jim Renacci

Republican Jim Renacci Dives Into The Ohio Governors Race

U.S. Representative Jim Renacci dives into the race for Ohio governor as the fourth possible Republican candidate.

He joins fellow Republicans Lt. Governor Mary Taylor and Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine, with Secretary of State John Husted expected to declare anyday.

Renacci, a successful business man by any right, is known for his early support of President elect Donald Trump and his plans for healthcare reform. With only 7 years of politics under his belt, Representative Renacci considers himself an outsider, in many ways like Trump himself. And, like Trump, this is especially appealing to blue collar Ohioans exhausted with “pay to play” politics.

The connections don’t stop there though, as he hires Rob Scott, a campaign supporter for Donald Trump and key figure in winning Ohio.

As one of the richest Representatives, it’s a real possibility that Renacci will be able to fund most the campaign himself. While his sense of business and success certainly help there, it’s not without its own troubled history. He’s followed by a history of legal troubles, from tax complications to allegations of not paying employees at a medical billing firm.

Time can only tell if backing the Trump horse will work out for Renacci as many other Republicans currently find issue with the proposed medical act. One thing that is sure now though is with former County Commissioner Daver Keifer, State Representative Connie Phillich, Minority Leader John Schiavoni, and former U.S. Representative Betty Sutton all representing the Democrats, it’s going to be a crowded race on both sides of the aisle.

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