Jeni Britton Bauer Puts Her Ice Cream Tasting Skills To The Test

People. I have something to admit. I have an ice cream problem.


Well, can ice cream really be a problem? I think not. But I do have a bit of an obsession. It’s my favorite sweet thing and I especially love when it gets a little weird or unexpected. Which is why I’m a massive fan of Jeni’s.

Before you come at me screaming “it’s overpriced”, let me just say, I don’t care. I refuse to apologize for loving something so delicious. I also happen to find Jeni Britton Bauer delightful, so I was pretty jazzed when I was scrolling through Instagram and saw this:

22 minutes of Columbus’ very own ice cream expert explaining how to tell a cheap ice cream from an expensive one? Where do I click?

Epicurious, aka one of my favorite places to kill a little time, is a culinary website that offers readers all sorts of tips, tricks, recipes, and more. Or, as their description on Youtube puts it, it’s “For people who love to eat.”

I hope you enjoyed escaping workplace boredom. Also, good luck ignoring that ice cream craving.


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